There..did you see it up there? That big ol’ word just sort of sitting there? W R I T E.

This is the year I quit being flaky about writing;  I stop breathing excuses (need to home school out of milk- laundry pile is looming-didn’t get any sleep last night) and I write.

To cement this decision I dragged encouraged my husband and daughter to drive with me for an hour and a half down a wet and snowy freeway to my first meeting of the Northwest Christian Writers Association ( last night. It was inspirational. It was practical. It was packed with people…and there was food!

I don’t know why it is so scary to step over the line and join in with other writers. I’ve been published. I’ve written a column for a glossy magazine. I’ve gotten acceptance letters. I’ve even been paid to write (we won’t discuss the amount here but payment of any kind counts, doesn’t it?).

I am experiencing what I recently heard referred to as threshold fear. I am making a commitment for all the world to see.  It’s challenging…mostly because I know how many times I have grown discouraged and quit halfway through. So, here I am, stepping across the threshold (ducking my head a bit because the ceiling is low) and I  am going in!