Today the sun is shining down on our soggy little corner of the Northwestern United States. To give you an idea of what a nice January day it is the children are drawing chalk pictures on the sidewalk without their coats on! It is simply a delicious day!

Not wanting to miss a minute of the beautiful sunshine, I took a chair into the backyard, faced it toward the sun and plunked myself down in it. After just a few minutes of sunshine I felt wonderfully groggy, relaxed and full of optimism. I heard birds singing, children laughing in the front yard and felt engulfed in life.

Sitting in the sun, I thought about a family I don’t even know fighting a battle against Child Protective Services in another state. Based on false accusations,  this family has been indicted for supposedly (I should use the term allegedly) neglecting their elderly father. Because of one person’s testimony against them, this Christian family has had young children taken from them and has had to pay many thousands of dollars in attorneys fees. It is horrifying.

I prayed for them today with the sounds of life surrounding me in my backyard. I asked God a lot of questions about the evil in this world of ours. And as I sat in the January sunshine I was ministered to by God’s creation. The sounds of the birds and the feel of the breeze on my skin whispered to me of His mighty power and His eternal plan of redemption for all mankind. My faith sometimes seems to me to be such a fragile thing…yet,  when His creation speaks… I find His strength.