Today I am thinking about my commitment to prayer, primarily because of a hard hitting book I found on the free table at my local library: And God Changed His Mind...because His People dared to Ask (written by Brother Andrew and Susan Devore Williams). If you haven’t read Brother Andrew’s story about smuggling bibles behind the iron curtain, you really must! I consider God’s Smuggler to be a must read for every Christian.

Brother Andrew writes about prayer in a way that is, honestly, a bit scary. He points out the Christian fatalism that so many of us live with ie. Oh well, God knows we live in a world filled with sickness and sin but God is in control and He knows the outcome. No! (says Brother Andrew) this is not a biblical view of the kind of access we have to talk to God and ask Him to change things according to His will!

I’m only into the first three chapters of the book and am already motivated to asking God to help me to keep an extended regular time of prayer with Him. It has been an eye-opening year for our family as we have become aware of some very real evil going on in the area of child protective services and perverted is time to pray.