I enjoyed a delightful time speaking to a group of women at Mom’s Spot today. They listened intently to what I had to say. Why? Because I spoke about tips and strategies for increasing our children’s brain development and developing family unity. Why did they listen? Because I was addressing concrete ways that they could help their children; their babies.

Having a child has been described as “carrying our heart around outside of our body.” If you’re a mother you know why that statement rings true and carrying our heart around outside of our body means that we mothers feel a huge need for tools to help us as we parent our children. We hunger for help! This is our child.

God uses  our baby to remind us of how little we know and how profoundly we can love. A baby; a “surprise” baby or a “wanted” baby changes the world. His  little life affects his family. Even if that little life does not get to experience a long time lived on earth, even a short life changes everyone…forever.

The world is at war with babies. Oh, most people love them when they see those babies face to face but, before they are born? No. Horrible things are often said about that baby; how much work he will be, how much he will cost, the dangers of giving birth to him, the horrible world he will live in and, even,  how he will ruin your marriage (have they ever seen a man and a woman delighting together over their own child?). Oh how dire are the predictions of the terrible ruin that will descend upon anyone who would dare to have a baby.

The doomsdayers fail to mention the delight of a baby; the sheer deliciousness of a baby’s kicking feet, sweet laughing voice and the wonderous way that a baby delights in being near his mama. A needlepoint pillow I have says it all, “Babies, what a wonderful way to start people!”

There is something profound, something so special about a little child…oh wait!

He’s a living soul; destined for eternity…let’s remember that.