“Been fishin’ over to Catfish Lake,” he said agreeably. “Put me out a trout line, with white bacon for bait, and caught me ten cooters. Sold some of them, et some of them and give some away. Tell your mom to cook it. My mom rolls ’em in flour and fries ’em in grease. Mighty good. Know how to clean ’em?”

“Pa does,” said Birdie. “We like cooters when we can get ’em.”

“My pa’s a great hunter,” boasted Shoestring. “I like all kinds of meat they is-reckon I must be part Indian. I’ve et rabbit, frog, goat, possum, gopher, bear, deer,  alligator and even rattlesnake!”

“Huh!” scoffed Birdie. “Bet you never ate no rattler. Bet it nigh choked you iffen you did.”

“Tasted like chicken!”boasted the boy. “Alligator tasted like beefsteak, bear meat ain’t much good, possum…”

“I don’t want no possum.” said Birdie. “It don’t appeal to my notion.”

Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski