Today the sun shone. The bills were paid, the housework was”caught up” (whatever that means) and the children progressed in their schoolwork. We seem to be over the  illness that waylaid our family earlier this month and my husband is happy in his new job…I have so much to be grateful for….so why am I dragging through the days?

When I was younger I was quick to associate all struggles with depression and anxiety to my relationship with God.  I tended to believe that I just needed to read the Bible and pray more and then I wouldn’t have those down days. But, the believers in the Bible struggled with discouragement, some of them in a big way. Jonah wanted to die after he preached to Ninevah and saw God work there.  Paul missed the saints and told them so in the letters he wrote. Martha got discouraged and upset with her sister Mary even as they both offered hospitality to Jesus. I don’t know, maybe those aren’t the best examples but I no longer equate discouragement and downheartedness only to a spiritual problem.

I think we need to consider our physical bodies as we prayerfully consider if we need to repent in an area.

I’ve been dragging today even though I only got up in the night a few times. Yes, I am one of those people who has disrupted sleep. Last night I took an over- the- counter sleep aide and I think it has attributed to my generally groggy feeling all day today. I also have absorption problems and when I start getting vague stomach pains I always start getting anxious and depressed. A naturopathic doctor prescribed B-12 injections two years ago which miraculously cleared up both the anxiety and depression as well as the stomach pains. I am out of the B-12 and I can tell…I feel like something is very wrong in my life but the only thing that is really wrong is that I’m not absorbing nutrients like I should and I end up with a deficiency.

It is easy to attribute mood swings and depression to everything but a biological cause. How many children are prescribed Ritalin or even an anti-depressant when a regular schedule, a good nights sleep and a healthy diet could transform that child’s life. The same is true for adults. Sometimes increasing our water intake can give us a boost of energy. Vitamin D levels have a huge affect on our hormones and energy levels. Ever notice how well you sleep after laying out in the sun and getting a good dose of healthy rays? It’s a wonderful feeling!

I may have the “blahs” just because I’m on the tail end of Winter in our area of the world and I have spent too much time inside and not gotten enough fresh air and sunshine.

We were created by a Living God to slow down, enjoy regular fresh air and sunshine and healthy food. It sounds easy to do but it’s not.  Don’t ignore warning signs that your body may be giving you to change the way you are living so that you can feel better and smile again.

You may have other health issues than the ones I’ve mentioned here but I encourage you to prayerfully read and research what may make a difference in the way you feel. It is interesting to learn about the intricacies of the human body.

One book that I found to be fascinating is The Magnesium Miracle by Dr. Carolyn Dean (I have a link to her website in my sidebar).  According to her research virtually everyone is deficient in magnesium and magnesium affects so many areas of the body it is amazing!

We will never have perfect health this side of heaven but God often leads us to new areas of knowledge so that we can better serve Him.