What is education? How do children learn? Are they empty cups waiting to be filled? Or are children born learning?

What method is the best way of transferring information? Lectures? Hands on? Intensive school programs?

These are questions all parents should be asking themselves.

As a home educating parent of almost 22 years I learned very quickly that when I was overwhelmed with babies and meals and laundry my children kept learning in spite of their mother failing to “fill them up.” In fact, one year we moved three times and had a baby and just never got any formal schooling done…but we read aloud together and visited the library and talked and ate together and….guess what? My children all tested off the charts on the Iowa Basic Test (the standardized test given in our state schools at the time).

The Thinking Housewife is a blog I have linked to in my sidebar. I encourage thinking women to visit her blog often. She shared a news story of a Manhattan mother who was upset at an expensive preschool for not preparing her daughter to test well on a school entrance exam. Please read the article and my response here.

How will you help your children love to learn?

(And this bit of news just in….Homeschoolers Succeed in College; a study released last year entitled Exploring Academic Outcomes of Homeschooled Students showed that homeschooled college students significantly outperformed their peers.

The study covered homeschoolers from 2004-2009 at a mid-sized college in the upper midwestern U.S.  Homeschooled students earned higher first year and fourth year GPA’s and had a higher graduation rate (66.7 percent) when compared to the overall student population (57.5 percent). Other research has shown that parents spend an average of 500.00 per child per year to homeschool. In comparison, the average public school spends over 10,000 per child, per year.)

I found this information in Converge (converagemagazine.com) but it does not give its source for this information. The Home School Legal Defense Association ( hslda.org linked in my sidebar) has very similar info as well as Dr. Brian Ray of the National Homeschool Research Institute).