I don’t know about you but keeping our master bedroom neat, tidy and beautiful is always a challenge!

For the first time in our marriage we have a very spacious bedroom but it is still hard to keep it from being the “overflow room” for everything else in the house! Our bedroom is usually low on my list of priorities after the dishes, laundry and meals.

Is it time for you to spruce up your bedroom and transform it into a peaceful, restful sanctuary?

Getting your bedroom in order can be done in seven steps over several days if you have small children or other pressing responsibilities. Follow me over to a wonderful blog called Far Above Rubies and I will help you transform your bedroom with short bursts of focused housecleaning!

Keeping in mind that most of us have way too much stuff, an article on decluttering will be posted here soon.

I’ll walk you through Seven Steps to a Peaceful Bedroom here. Have Fun!