Thirty years ago God gave me the gift of a loyal Christian friend. I used to call her The White Tornado

Connie and I met when I was engaged to be married and she had just become a Christian. When I asked her if she had a Bible yet she showed me a brand new one that she had gotten with tabs on each of the books so she could quickly locate what she was looking for.

I casually said something like, “I think it might be too easy to rely on those tabs instead of flipping through the Bible and finding each book on your own.  I’ve gotten to know where things are the hard way….”.

The next time I saw Connie (just a few days later) she showed me that she had cut off all the tabs so she could learn her Bible better. I was astonished by her no-nonsense decisive zeal to know God’s word so  I asked her if she was interested in studying the Bible together. She was. ..And that’s how I began learning from this wonderful zealous Christian girl!

Because my husband and I moved away just a few years after Connie and I met, our friendship has been almost completely long distance but Connie has been a loyal friend. She makes me laugh. Every time I stop myself from telling someone how to live and I find myself saying, “I don’t have to be ‘Jr. Holy Spirit'”  I know I am speaking a “Connie-ism.”

Connie had wanted to get married since she graduated from high school. We studied the Bible together and prayed for a godly man for her. The years went by.

Finally, God brought a man into her life who loved the Lord, had never had a serious relationship, wanted children and had a great job! Miracles still happen!

Even though Connie is only a few years younger than me she started her family much later.

By the time God brought her a husband and she started having her family, I felt like her babies were my grandbabies because I had prayed for her for so long.  God has blessed Connie and her husband with seven babies (five here on earth and two in heaven). They are beautiful.

Although we often go many months without communicating (we’ve gone from frequent letters to e-mail to facebook) I know that I can rely on Connie to give me honest, godly advice for my own good.

Connie has stood by me through great trials and has  spoken words of truth to me that I needed to hear. She has been the voice of reason on the phone when I was in great pain.  She pointed me back to Jesus and His word when I had my eyes on my own horrible circumstances. She was a true friend.

My goodness…she even bought me new maternity underwear when I couldn’t afford any! Now that’s a friend!

“Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.” Napoleon Bonaparte (not that I am calling Connie a Napoleon but somehow this quote seemed to fit)


I used to call Connie The White Tornado because when I was first married she would come in and help me clean my little house and grab whatever she needed and just get it done (while I was still making excuses about needing to have the “right” cleaner and the correct cleaning cloth).

As a matter of fact, when I wrote the bedroom post and told readers not to worry about getting furniture polish (just to use a damp cloth) that was a another “Connie-ism”….don’t get sidetracked…just do it!

Yesterday Connie commented on my Seven Steps to a Peaceful Bedroom post and by night time she had e-mailed me her before and after pictures!

When I received her pictures it was a wonderful reminder to me of those qualities I saw in Connie many years ago. She  is still as decisive and determined as ever even with health struggles, a busy family and lots of responsibilities!

I hope that everyone has the blessing of a loyal Christian friend like I have had in my friend Connie. Happy Birthday month Connie! I love you!