Writing is a discipline and a process.  For many of us, writing does not come easily.

Save the money you would spend on expensive writing programs by teaching your children to write the same way you teach them to learn a specific swimming stroke or the same way you teach them to sew.  Require them to write! Regularly.

Begin teaching your children to write before they can hold a pencil. How? I’ll tell you how!

A Word fitly Spoken is Like Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver Proverbs 25:11

*Encourage them to use descriptive language in their speech.  For example, when your child returns from a party ask,  “Tell me about the birthday party; what did the room look like? What did the birthday boy say when he opened his presents?” Listen to him describe his experience to you.

*Notice when he uses interesting words throughout the day ie., “Wow, what an interesting way to tell me that you have a piece of food stuck between your teeth-you said that your tooth is ‘clogged’- what a great description!” (our five year old recently made me laugh with the above choice of words;).

*Read aloud, read aloud, read aloud! Did you miss that? Let me repeat it! READ ALOUD, READ ALOUD, READ ALOUD!

Children who hear interesting and descriptive words read aloud to them develop wonderful language skills.   Reading aloud feeds the brain and gives developing writers the raw materials that they need to become skilled and interesting wordsmiths.

In summary, do the following with your children  before they learn to read and write and continue on as they grow into adulthood;

*Ask for and listen to descriptive language usage as your children talk to you.

*Read aloud with your children every day.  Pick descriptive, well-written books so that their minds are filled with rich words that feed and stimulate their imaginations.

Children will not learn to write well or enjoy writing if they continually fill out work book pages about writing. It’s not the same thing.

Reading aloud and asking for your child to describe his experiences to you may seem too easy but it works! Good writing begins and ends in the brain!

“I love being a writer.  What I can’t stand is the paperwork.”  ~Peter De Vries

Part two coming soon…