Years ago,when I was a self -centered, rebellious teenager I wrote in my journal (for some odd reason) that someday I would love to have a big family and lots of visitors coming in and out of our house and it wouldn’t matter if we were rich or poor if we had a big pot of  homemade soup bubbling on the stove and we loved each other.

Well….I’m livin’ the dream.

I had an odd, ethereal moment tonight as I thawed various broths and meats to combine together for soup for tomorrows lunch.

I began mentally counting who would be eating with us; our sons’ friend who is staying here while his mother is hospitalized, the three close neighbor friends who often drop in, the two Korean girls a daughter has recently met, our 11 year old Korean home stay student who is here for three months, six of our eight children and myself…let’s see…that’s fourteen people and some of our family won’t even be here!

What really blows me away is that I’m able to pull together a good homemade soup and some freshly baked bread and do it with a minimum of effort.  I wonder…who is this person?

Apparently, all those years ago when I was busy trying to make a home with my children and husband (and possessing virtually no cooking or homemaking skills) I was learning something. Some days I really fumbled around doing a pretty poor job of managing my home but I did learn.

It took awhile (it’s been almost 26 years since our first baby was born) but bit by bit I learned things like planning ahead (wow! brain freeze! it helps to plan dinner in the morning so the babies and the husband don’t get too cranky!).

I learned how to use bits and pieces of leftovers to create inexpensive, delicious and nutritious soups (I can truly make a great soup and if I can learn you can too!).

In spite of all my fumblings and failings, God has taken my small efforts and enabled me to open our home to others. It’s a lot of work, sometimes, but its fun.

I’m glad children feel welcome in our home (even though I’m still learning patience) and I’m thankful we can feed them good, nourishing food. It makes me happy to know that my children can invite others in.

Most of all, I’m glad that shortly after I wrote those words in my journal, the Lord Jesus met me in my weakness and rebelliousness. I heard Him say, “Come, eat with me and sup with me.” He invited me in.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to live my dream.