Our son wrote this letter to his Grandmother today.  He is our quiet son and an introvert (as I am) so I was touched by the words in his letter.

As I read it, I remembered how both of his Grandmothers were so upset at my husband and I for having a large family. I think this letter bears testimony to some of the joys of raising many children to love God and be loyal to one another. (The italics are mine).

Dear Grandmother,

How are you? I am fine. How is the weather down there? It has been very warm and sunny this past week but today it is very dark and cloudy.

We are having Phillip and his girlfriend (our eldest son who is engaged to be married) come up for the weekend so our house should be pretty crowded.  Lorna and Ayla (our eldest daughter and her friend) will come and my friend who is spending the week here. Dad is home now and the rest of the family so, all in all, about thirteen people will be here (not including friends that will be dropping by).

These are the times to remember because everything is so hectic that it’s fun because nobody is sleeping in their own room and everyone is sharing a room with three other people.

We all love to cook so with eight people all in the kitchen all sharing their opinions on this and that, it’s really fun to watch…and that is just part of the fun of being in a big family!

I just wanted to write to you and say thank you for the check you sent me for my birthday. Thank you. You are most generous with your money.

I might stop by soon and say, “Hi”.

I love you Grandmother.

So long for now.


Our son