If you and I met in person and began chatting about children,budgeting, homeschooling, husbands, housekeeping or other assorted topics, eventually you would probably hear me say something like, “Oh, have you ever read the Tightwad Gazette books? They’re full of money saving tips and you can find them at almost any library” or “Have you ever tried using coconut oil for your skin? It’s anti microbial, anti fungal and it even works for acne…if you’re interested let me jot down a great website for you so you can find more information.”

If I had a resource handy I would lend it to you. I can’t help myself. I guess it’s because I felt like I was groping in the dark without the tools I need to be a good mother, homeschool my children, run my household frugally and, well, do all the things that many women do in a day. I’m still learning so if you shared a great resource with me I would be delighted!

So…I want to take the time to tell you about a few resources I have found.

The Grocery Shrink website was started by Angela to share some of the techniques she and her husband used to save money and pay off an enormous amount of debt in a very short time (they won a Dave Ramsey contest by doing it!).  If you subscribe to her newsletter you get the full story plus her really over-the-top great recipes for natural household cleaners which are very inexpensive to make.

I have written a three part series for The Grocery Shrink about tackling our stuff.  De cluttering Begins in Your Brain (and other wise and mysterious truths you didn’t know you needed to hear) will begin the middle of April.

Far Above Rubies is the encouraging blog of Jasmine whose goal is to promote beautiful, biblical womanhood with practical and inspiring articles.

I will also be writing a once a month Guest Post over at Far Above Rubies on a variety of topics and I’ll give you a nudge when they are ready to appear.

And, now ( a drum roll please!) The winner of Generational Womanhood’s very first giveaway is…Marjorie at mullstream.wordpress.com!

Marjorie will receive a copy of Todd Wilson’s book Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe as soon as she emails me at nt12many@gmail.com and leaves her address.

Thank you to everyone who entered.  As I gathered your names for the drawing I prayed for you. May the Lord bless you and strengthen you as you seek to glorify Him through your lives!