Today is White Rabbit Day at our house.

What is “White Rabbit Day?” you ask?

I can’t tell you because I don’t know.

I know nothing about the roots of the day but this I do know; on the first day of the month the objective is to be the first one to yell, “White Rabbit!” (I believe that the white rabbit referred to is the one from Alice in Wonderland who was “late for a very important date.” You don’t want to be late on the first of the month-you want to be the first to yell, “White Rabbit!“).

I have met one other woman who grew up in a family who ‘white rabbited” each other so, apparently, it is a tradition practiced by other crazy folks here and there.

To give you an idea of how intense White Rabbit Day can get let me tell you about what happened to me in college. I was living in an apartment with three other girls (all who “white rabbited” each other each month).

The phone rang at about five minutes after midnight on the first of the month. One of my roommates picked up the phone and sleepily said, “White Rabbit“, hung up the phone and went back to bed.

Later (at a decent hour of the morning),  I got a call from my childhood friend Richard who was at school in the East.  It was Richard who had called in the wee hours of the night.

Because he was in a different time zone he had waited until three hours after midnight his time just to be the first to sayWhite Rabbitand then (much to his disappointment) my competitive roommate beat him to it! I still laugh about that one.

My husband and I used to “white rabbit” each other in college and when the children were young. Then we forgot about it.

Our eldest son Phillip revived “white rabbiting’ when he was in his teens ( it’s kind of a fun teen thing…you can be a bit obnoxious but only two words worth!) and we’ve been going strong ever since.

“White Rabbiting” has actually been one more little dab of glue that bonds our family together. Each month, every single family member calls or yells “White Rabbit” at one another wherever we are.

I just got a call from my husband who was in his car on the way to work.  I answered the phone, “April Fools!” (forgetting that it was White Rabbit Day) so he  “white rabbited” me first. He was very pleased with himself.

It’s hard to White Rabbit our two kids who live away from home because they recognize our phone numbers when we call but last month Phillip used a business line that we weren’t familiar with and got my husband.  I could hear Phillip’s victorious “WHITE RABBIT” followed by his maniacal chuckle from where I was sitting on the other side of the couch!

Our five year old just randomly yells “White Rabbit” to everyone (usually about ten minutes too late) but we don’t care. It makes him happy.

It’s one of those silly little traditions that keeps us thinking of each other no matter where we are and that’s important.

So “White Rabbit!”from our family to yours!


I was remiss in my last post when I failed to tell you about our own personal family resource; our daughter Lorna.

Lorna is the eldest of our eight children. She has lived through our poverty, parental ignorance and a lot of sin and lived to love us anyway.

Parents mature a lot as they parent their first born children so those children put up with a lot.  They do, however, get the benefit of our youthful energy, something our five year old is not experiencing with his parents who are now in their fifties!

Anyway, Lorna loves to cook. She grew up with me baking (which I love) and her daddy cooking up a storm. My husband is an amazing cook. I have several theories about people who can cook wonderfully and one is that they have taste buds that are more sensitive than the rest of us. Lorna and her dad are great tasters and really good cooks.

Lorna finished her homeschooling and then graduated from a one year Culinary program. She has cooked for fine eateries, baked artisan breads for a health food co-op, been the head cook for a camp program, and been a personal chef for a number of people with special dietary needs.

This girl can cook!

She is posting some great recipes on her blog  Orange is a Good Color so please visit and tell her what you think (there’s also a photo of seven of our eight children taken three years ago there. Aren’t they beautiful?).