My husband’s car broke. I know that “broke” does not sound very technical but there you go…it doesn’t work.

My husband is a fix-it man. He usually keeps the cars running like clockwork (especially if they are older cars without all the fancy computer technology and, so far, ours have all been older;) but he got busy doing stuff and didn’t fix it when it started making funny noises.

He was busy doing stuff like…oh…providing for the wife and six children who are at home and paying for a mechanic to fix eldest daughters’ elderly car and paying for eldest son’s wedding ..stuff like that.

He desperately needs a car tomorrow to get to work ( a long commute away) and so he is taking the van. We will be without a car this week and I am looking forward to it.

It helps that we are only a few miles from a grocery store and that I have able- bodied teens who can ride their bikes on errands for me and that the pantry is full of food and our schedule is sort of free this week.

Being without a car allows us to slow down. It’s sort of like having a baby; it gives us a really good excuse to stay home and say “no” to outside commitments (of course there are other wonderful benefits to having a baby  -like being able to kiss those little toes and discovering a new personality all wrapped up in a tiny body) but(for me) a side benefit of giving birth was being able to stay home and simplify my my schedule without feeling like I should be doing “more”.

The same goes for being without wheels. I can be a homebody because I have a very good excuse. And that is a good thing!