I love free books and I have some coming my way! But they won’t stay in my hot little hands for long;).

Because Spring has sprung (see my previous post and picture) I am feeling convicted about having too much clutter and I had the audacity to write an article about clearing out clutter ( soon to be published on The Grocery Shrink)  so I will not be holding onto these new books.

Sigh Books just happen to be my weaknesssigh(again) so in the interest of developing my character and in order to keep the books from piling up in the corners of my house, I am giving these books away immediately after I review them.

Too bad for me-hurray for you!

The Fight of Our Lives by William Bennett and Seth Liebsohn; Choosing What’s Right, Speaking the Truth and Winning the War Against Radical Islam is on its way to my mailbox right now. Yowsa! Doesn’t that sound like an intimidating subject to write a book about?

I will readily admit that reading this type of book is not usually my cup of tea but I need to challenge myself.  I picked the book because I have gotten enough comments from my readers to know there are some real thinkers out there! I picked it just for you!

I plan on opening the giveaway in a week and a half (around April 20th).

(I feel like I just won a free ticket to Candy Land except,  instead of candy everywhere I turn, I am finding free books! Yippee!)

In the next two weeks I will  also be reviewing an advance copy of a brand new Max Lucado book entitled Max on Life (the title seems self-explanatory). I have skimmed briefly through one of his books and I’ve heard his little short program on Christian radio “Upwords by Max Lucado“.

Oh! And I have his beautifully written gospel story in my sidebar! I like Mr. Lucado’s poetic use of language and I like his passion.

I will be opening the Max Lucado giveaway at the same time I open the one for the William Bennett book. And (get this!) that’s right when Max On Life hits the bookstores! Woo Hoo!