1. The reality of YOU and your salvation. When I am buffeted by life  your Word brings me back to You.
  2. My hardworking husband who continually stands in the gap for our family and who isn’t afraid to speak the truth in a world which needs to hear it.
  3. Our eight children. I see you calling them as they grow and begin to find their niche in the world.
  4. The sun. Oh how I love the sun!
  5. Good peanut butter on hearty bread eaten when we are really hungry. Very satisfying!
  6. Work. I am needed today. Thank you.
  7. New walking shoes. My feet feel cushioned!
  8. New neighbors and our nine year old daughter who is so excited to welcome them!
  9. Good food and an expanding number of children who know how to prepare it!
  10. A decluttered bookshelf. I stare at it and it says to me, “You are so organized and capable.” 🙂