Max on Life by Max Lucado (published by Thomas Nelson 2010) is a compilation of 171 questions Max has answered over his long pastoral and ministry career. This prolific writer has written over 50 books and served as general editor for four different Bible editions. He has also seen a lot of life and ministered to many people. It is this life that has given him the rich fodder of his new book.

Max on Life by Max Lucado is just hitting the bookstores this week. He is gifted. His words are richly poetic and filled with truth.

Divided into these categories;

* Hope; God, Grace and “Why am I here?”
* Hurt; Conflicts, Calamities, and “Why me?”
* Help; Prayer, Scripture, and “Why Church?”
* Him/Her; Sex, Romance, and “Any Chance of a Second Chance?”
* Home; Diapers, Disagreements, and “Any Hope for Prodigals?”
* Haves/Have-Nots; Work, Money, and “Where’s the Lifeline?”
* Hereafter; “Cemetaries, Heaven, Hell and “Who goes where?”

Mr. Lucado answers questions forthrightly and with great compassion and empathy. He often throws in a personal story or two. His answers to questions about painful subjects are always sensitive and display great kindness. For example, question 149 is “We buried our son five years ago yet we still grieve. My wife and I just can’t seem to move on. Why not?”

His answer; “Because you buried more than a person. You buried some of yourself…when someone you love dies, it affects you. It affects your dreams.

He continues with a personal story of child loss, talks about the questions and even anger we may have toward God and ends with this, “Grief takes time. Give yourself some. .. just fifty years ago rural Americans wore black armbands for several weeks. And today? Am I the only one who senses that we hurry our hurts?

The book also has an four and a half page addendum on writing (because his office receives many questions on writing and getting published). Along with the addendum, it includes a handy topical guide, a scriptural reference guide and a notes page (referencing other works) for future study.

Because of the way the book is formatted (one numbered question with answers per page) Max on Life will be used by counselors and ministers again and again.

That same formatting may stop other readers from picking up the book and reading it for pleasure. I hope they read it anyway. The rich language, subtle humor, and the humility of the author make it a book no one should miss.

I found myself wishing I could speak to Max Lucado face to face. I highly recommend this book.

I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher (Thomas Nelson) through

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