We dye eggs during Holy Week. I know some families choose not to do this but we enjoy the process of coloring eggs and don’t try too hard to connect it to the resurrection of Jesus. It is simply something we enjoy doing and since eggs are usually on sale this week it is a cheap craft to do.

Besides coloring eggs with the packets of food dye, we recently began coloring with onion skins. It’s the way our great grandparents probably colored their eggs (if the Scots/Irish did such a thing) so it adds a bit of a history lesson to the process.

We haven’t colored with onion skins yet this week so I don’t have any pictures. I’ll explain the simple process here and you can google for step by step pictures of the process if you so desire.

  • Peel off the dry, crispy skins of an onion. Try to keep them large and unbroken.
  • Using unboiled eggs, wet the eggs and the onion skins in a bowl for a few minutes (they don’t need to soak-just get wet).
  • Wrap the wet egg with a wet onion skin-covering as completely as possible.
  • Take a piece of cheesecloth (bigger than the egg) and wrap it around the egg and onion skin like a little bag. Use a rubberband to tie the cheesecloth tightly around the egg.
  • Place the cheesecloth wrapped egg into a pan of water and bring to a boil. Boil for 7 minutes or more until hard boiled.
  • Cool. Unwrap the cheesecloth, peel off the onion skin and enjoy the variety of brown and golden colors of the egg. It may look mottled but it is very pretty!

You can rub the warm egg all over with beeswax to make the colors shine!


I’m not sure where I got this idea but the kids love it.

Use colored plastic eggs and stuff each one with a simple Christian message. It might say; Jesus is the Light of the World or Jesus is Risen or you might prefer to put in complete Bible verses.

Some years I have had my children write each message(in a sneaky attempt to get them to practice copying) and other years we have printed them on the computer and they have colored it or put a sticker on the verse.

We put a verse in each plastic egg and a tiny toy, a few pennies or a sticker.

Then we pray over the eggs asking the Lord to use them to encourage others and to influence those who don’t know Him with His powerful word.

After we pray over them we hide them at a local park. If we have our act together we hide them in the evening before Easter Sunday so that (hopefully) they are found on Easter when many people go to the park (even in our neck of the woods where we just got a hail storm!).

Our children love thinking about the children who might find their eggs and get a little surprise.

May the Lord give you creative ideas to celebrate that He is Risen!