“The completed beauty of Christ’s life
is only the added beauty of little inconspicuous acts of beauty—talking with the woman at the well; showing the young ruler
the stealthy ambition laid away in his heart that kept him out of the kingdom of Heaven; … teaching a little knot of followers how to pray;… kindling a fire and broiling fish that his disciples might have a breakfast waiting for them when they came ashore from a night of
fishing, cold, tired, and discouraged. All of these things, you see,let us in so easily into the real quality and tone of [Christ’s]
interests, so specific, so narrowed down, so enlisted in what is small, so engrossed with what is minute.
And so it is with being parents. The little things are the big things sewn into the family tapestry by a thousand threads of love, faith, discipline, sacrifice,
patience, and work.”
Charles Henry Parkhurst