I’ve felt it…have you? That look (and attitude) from the woman (or relative) who tells you, “Oh I wish I could afford to be a stay-at-home mom.”

A fellow mother who blogs at the beautiful Clover Lane wrote an inspiring and very real post; “A mushed up heart and choices.”

Some of us make very hard choices. I think she did a great job of addressing the challenges and the commitment it takes to stay near our children as they grow up.

And the wise “Auntie Leila” over on Like Mother, Like Daughter wrote a post that would have made all the difference to me as a young, discouraged mother at home entitled “Ask Auntie Leila: I Feel Guilty When I’m not Working’ (just click on the blog and scroll down).

She says this, “We all need encouragement. We discover wonderful things about the meaning of life and then lose our insights, usually because it turns out to be hard to put them into practice. The need for an infant to have close contact with its mother; the irreplaceable value of an intact family; the beauty of home life; the possibility of living simply — these are all things that have been written about eloquently and embraced by…few.”

Wow, talk about wise encouragement from an older woman in the spirit of Titus 2! Bookmark these posts and pull them out when you are feeling discouraged and alone!