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I agreed to review  William J. Bennett & Seth Leibsohn’s book The Fight of Our Lives; Knowing the Enemy, Speaking the Truth & Choosing to Win the War Against Radical Islam because I thought it would be good for my character to read it:). I’m not sure if it was.

You see, this is the kind of book I avoid because I find it terrifying to read. I am horrified at what is happening to my country and feel helpless to do anything to stop it.

Bennett and Leibsohn dive right into the problem of radical Islam and its affect on our country. Listen to these words found in the introduction of the book as quoted from Faisal Shahzada (the Times Square Bomber),

“Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun. Consider me only a first droplet of the flood that will follow me. And only this time it’s not Imperial Japan or Germany or Vietnam or Russian communism. This time it’s the war against people who believe in the book of Allah and follow the commandments, so this is a war against Allah…”

Alarming and terrifying words? I think so.  And what about these from Anjem Choudary, the British born former president of the Society of Muslim Lawyers? He said,

“This idea that you have moderate Muslims and you have radical Muslims, you know, it’s complete nonsense. A Muslim is the one who submits to the command of the creator. If he submits, he is a practicing Muslim. If he is not, then he should be practicing…We do believe, as Muslims, the East and the West will one day be governed by the Sharia. Indeed, we believe that one day, the flag of Islam will fly over the White House.”

The authors open the book with the story of Dr. Nidal Hasan who shot and killed fourteen people (including an unborn child) at Fort Hood. Hasan was a U.S. Army Major with numerous documented extremist Islamic views as well as behavior that fellow students and faculty described as “disconnected, aloof, paranoid, belligerent and schizoid.” Hasan carried personal business cards that had no affiliation with the U.S. military but did have printed underneath his name SOA (soldier of Allah), an acronym frequently used on Jihadist websites.

With all these red flags about this man why was nothing done to prevent his attack and killing of fellow American soldiers? Because, according to the authors, American leadership and military has become soft. In Hasan’s case, the head of the military took the liberal idea of diversity and elevated it above American safety and national security and above the very purpose of the military.

Hasan’s activities and statements about his pro Islamic views were often done and said openly yet even after the massacre officials in our highest levels of government were quick to state that Hasan’s religion was not the root of his evil actions. Indeed in the eighty-six page report which was published by the Pentagon after the massacre (Protecting the Force:Lessons from Fort Hood) Hasan’s name is not even mentioned (he is referred to as “the gunman”). The word Islam appears one time in an endnote completely disregarding Hasan’s own views in which he said that the U.S. was wrong to be fighting Islam.

The report was  skewed to whitewash any reference to Islam. Why?

Ralph Peters  of the New York post wrote,

“Hasan’s superiors feared-correctly-that any attempt to call attention to Hasan’s radicalism or to prevent his promotion would backfire on them, destroying their careers, not his. Hasan was a protected species minority. Under the Politically Correct tyranny of today’s armed services, no non-minority officer was going to take him on.”

The authors then go on to write of the surge of patriotism after the 9/11 attack with many Americans leaving successful careers to join the military. According to the authors there were signs of “cultural health” with marriages being saved and many Americans turning to God.

Very quickly after 9/11 President George Bush was reassuring the American public and the world that “Islam was a religion of peace.”

The authors write, “It is difficult to precisely pinpoint when and where the beginning of the respectable tripartite crescendo against the war, discounting our enemies evil, and our self-condemnation began, but we affix it to September 23, 2002, barely a year after the attacks.”

They believe the wimpy response to Islam began, in large part, with a speech given by former Vice President Al Gore in which he condemned the case for the war against Saddam Hussein.

Bennett and Leibsohn go on to carefully document the blatant and public statements of numerous muslims against our country and they also do a great job of enumerating the public capitulation of our own leaders in the military and government as well as the media.

The book is a terrifying history of the inroads Islam has made into our culture and our country but what I found even more scary was the solution that the authors offered to their readers.They rightfully say that we need to call evil by its real name, acknowledge the evil that Islam does (this is a religion that straps bombs to children) and to remember our history as a country. This is all well and good but what alarmed me was to realize that the authors don’t realize the root of the problem.

A great surge of patriotism and a return to a country of men who aren’t afraid to fight for what is right will not cure the problem of a religion that teaches its followers to do evil.

When I think about winning the war against Islam I remember our friend who learned of an Islamic man who was jailed in Canada. Canada has been dealing with Islamic immigrants far longer that the U.S. has and that is why when an Islamic man threatens his estranged wife he is very quickly jailed. The Canadians know that as a Muslim he is required to kill her…and he will.

So my friend began to visit this man of Islam in jail and to share the message of Jesus Christ with him. And, eventually, the jailed man came to a true and living faith in the Savior. Now,he is a man of peace.

If we are to win the battle against Islam in our country it begins in the house of God with those of us who call ourselves believers in the One True God. It begins with our repentance. We must repent of our arrogance and our “fatness”  (as it says in the Bible). We must ask God to turn His anger away from our country. We have leaders who can be bought with money and who lie and steal. We voted them into office.

Yes, we are in for the fight of our lives but it won’t be won by trusting in our human government. May God have mercy on us.

I received this book from Book Sneeze and agreed to review it.