The Waiting Place (Learning to Appreciate Life’s Little Delays) by Eileen Button is a perfect summer read.Eileen Button has written a series of essays on lessons learned   during the “waiting places” of her life.
She says, “The Waiting Place is for people like me who get stuck in their precious, mundane, gorgeous, absurd lives. It is for those who work hard at the “business of living” only to find that they seem to be caught in one long, boring meeting…It’s for those who wake up one day and find themselves repeatedly sighing and thinking, This is so not the life I dreamed of living.”
Eileen writes beautifully and with humor about every day moments and memories, about struggling with self image, living the busy life of a mother, a pastor’s wife, a teacher and a writer. She writes poignantly about struggling to believe that she can write and (as I said)she’s funny.
She continues, “I am absolutely convinced that some of the most beautiful things happen if we are willing to quiet our hearts, lean into the waiting place, and listen to what it tells us.When we do, we will be astonished by what it has to say.”

This is a book worth reading!

I felt like the cover and title of this book didn’t do it justice. The cover photo shows a young girl (or woman-hard to tell) who is lying in a field of daisy’s. At first glance it looks like a romance novel.
I agree with the author that waiting places are, indeed, remarkable but felt that the author’s feisty approach to life and her down-to-earth sense of humor were misrepresented by the look of the book.

Eileen Button has written a book full of wisdom and encouragement and humor and I recommend it.

I received this book from Book Sneeze and agreed to review it.

To be entered to win a copy from this blog (I received a book from the publisher that got slightly bent in transit) please leave a comment on this post. Drawing will be July 2oth.