From Focus on the Family, a ministry that had a profound impact on me as a new Christian.

Five Things Fathers Do Best

1. Fathers teach us empathy
: A study by the American Psychological Association found that children with very involved fathers are more likely to be sensitive to the needs of others. Effective dads also helped their children become more generous and thoughtful too.

2. Fathers give us confidence
: Fathers are more likely to challenge their children to try difficult things by taking safe and measured risks. Research shows that a man’s more physical play style-and slower response to help his children through frustrating situations-encourages problem-solving and self-confidence in both boys and girls.

3. Fathers increase our vocabulary
: Children who spend lots of time with Dad are more likely to have larger and more complex vocabularies. That’s because fathers are more likely to speak to their children as they would an adult. This often initiates a vocabulary lesson.

4. Fathers protect us from crime and violence
: You’re not likely to find well-fathered boys in gangs. A father’s affirmation fulfills the need that makes gang life attractive. Likewise, girls with good fathers are not as likely to be sexually active, having already experience the wholesome, fatherly love of a good dad.

5. Fathers promote better treatment of women
: Find a young woman who won’t be victimized sexually, emotionally or financially, and we’ll show you a woman who most likely has a good dad. Even when a good dad stumbles, if Mom calls him on it and he responds like a gentleman, the kids take note.

This Father’s Day, instead of handing Dad another tie, thank him for making a difference in your life-in ways you many not have known about…until now.

Thank you Focus on the Family for reminding us that Dads don’t act like moms and our children benefit from it!