Be The People by Carol M.Swain Ph.D is the book I’ve been waiting for; the book I was hoping to find (but didn’t) between the covers of The Fight of Our lives by Bennett and Leibsohn.

Be the People; A Call to Reclaim America’s Faith and Promise is a call to action by an articulate and intelligent writer who understands the real problems America is currently facing and (more importantly) understands the solution.

Swain’s beautiful and passionately written book begins with Part One; Broken Vows: Forsaking What We Once Knew.
She writes, “America’s foundation is shifting. It is time to think clearly. Who have we been historically and what kind of nation are we becoming?”

Professor Swain delves deeply into the roots of our nations sin; the slaughter of the innocents, the destruction of the black family, the homosexual agenda and its attack on traditional marriage and she tells the reader it is time for God’s people to repent of their part in it and to begin living as salt and light amidst a perverse generation.

In contrast to The Fight of Our Lives Swain delves deeply into the roots of what established America as a great country. She understands the Biblical roots upon which our country was founded and reminds us that Americans once believed in and lived out those foundational truths.

Swain courageously tackles the politically correct swill which permeates all of America’s institutions with Part Two; Banished Virtues: Reclaiming Truth and Justice in Policy Choices.
Courageously? Yes, indeed. Currently a professor of Law and Political Science at Vanderbilt University as well as being a member of the James Madison Society at Princeton where she was a tenured professor, Professor Swain has taken a risk to write an honest book such as this one and is quite possibly, committing “intellectual suicide.” And yet Ms. Swain passionately, articulately and courageously penned this book. I applaud her.

Professor Swain believes that America has afforded her opportunities that she would never have had elsewhere in the world. Why? Swain is a black woman who grew up in a very large, poor family in the Southern United States. She married young, later becoming a single mother on welfare until she eventually worked her way through community college, university and graduate schools to where she is today. Although raised in a moral home, she came to faith in the Living Savior, Jesus Christ later in life.

As a white middle class woman with college educated parents I come from a very different upbringing than Professor Swain but I, too, love this country.
Oh how glad I am that she used her talents to write this passionate appeal to those of us who have been groping without hope in the darkness of a world gone mad.

Like a true friend who looks at a hysterical woman and slaps her into reality she has spoken truth;
“…We must begin with the foundational recognition that we have sinned and participated in great evils. Consequently, our nation risks God’s wrath and we stand guilty because of our individual personal actions, but also because of the allocation of our tax dollars as well as the actions of leaders who have repeatedly engaged in and condoned sinful behaviors-the same kinds of sinful behaviors that resulted in the destruction of Old Testament nations.”

Carol Swain gives the reader ten steps toward reclaiming America which include dedicating him/herself to biblical scholarship, becoming thoroughly familiar with America’s founding documents (which she includes in the book), getting news from more than one source, registering to vote etc. Included in the list is her sobering reminder to the reader to understand that your life as Christian activist could cost you your life and your livelihood.

She concludes the book with Appendix A-D; The Ten Commandments, The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and The Constitution of the United States of America, making the book an important resource.
Professor Carol Swain is not just a true patriot, she is also a sister in the Lord. She has done her research and spoken truth.
May we repent. May God hear our prayers and heal our land but if not…I feel strengthened and encouraged for the battle after reading this book.

Sorry, bloggy friends, I am not offering this book as a giveaway but I highly recommend you get yourself a copy.
I received a copy of this book in order to review it for Book Sneeze.