I am sure I would like Bruce Wilkinson if I met him face to face. He writes like a likeable guy; friendly and enthusiastic. He wants to relate to people and get them excited about following Jesus.

You Were Born For This
by Bruce Wilkinson is an uplifting book. The basic premise of the book is that God has chosen to use people to accomplish His will so be prepared; ask Him for guidance and carry around extra cash in case He prompts you to give it to someone.You also need to start honing those “listening-to-God” skills so that you can boldly go into potentially uncomfortable situations because God has asked you to.

This is all well and good. God does use His people to minister and He does lead and guide us in very specific ways. But why does Mr. Wilkinson feel he needs to distill God and His work down to some pithy little labels?

For example Wilkinson submits that God uses Four Keys to a Life of Miracles. Key number one is “The Master Key”; which is “an urgent prayer to be sent by God on a mission.” Wilkinson writes, “…your urgent plea opens the door to a life of miracles.” Really? Every time? Just like that?

Our God is a consuming fire who works as He chooses. We cannot plan on a “life of miracles” because of our urgent plea. Sometimes God answers our plea with trials. Sometimes with tragedy.

And,that’s where I differ with this author. Yes, believers need to be ready and willing to minister. It’s probably a good idea to carry around extra cash(he calls this “the money key”) and have our spiritual radar looking for someone who needs it. Good idea. But what if we don’t “hear” God correctly and miss the miracle? Or, what if we give it to the person God “nudged” us toward and we get an angry reaction? What if the results are less than “miraculous”? Does that mean we blew it?

Wilkinson shares a lot of truth in this book ie. Be prepared so God can use you, look for His divine leading, open your ears and eyes so that you can be ready for opportunities etc.)but he shares only positive results.

We are told in scripture that believers can expect hard times, even suffering when we do what is right. We are also sinful creatures living in a fallen world who may not always hear God’s voice or respond correctly. What happens when we fail to obey God? According to Mr. Wilkinson God will prompt someone else to take up the slack but that seems to be another formula that doesn’t always work either.

If you’re in the doldrums and need a boost of positive, feel-good reading this may be the book for you. But if you have faithfully served Him and are struggling to trust God that someday your work in His name will bear fruit…any fruit at all….I would leave this book on the shelf and dig deep into missionary biographies about those people who were faithful unto death and died without seeing their “Life of Miracles”.

I received a free copy of this book from my friends at Waterbrook/Multnomah.

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