I always encourage new homeschoolers to budget extra money for books and magazines which will encourage them in their homeschooling journey. This book is one that will help lighten the load on those inevitable rough days!

This book by homeschooling father and cartoonist Todd WIlson is worthwhile reading. It’s funny (the homeschooling cartoons are worth the price of the book) but the underlying message is that homeschooling mothers believe a lot of lies about themselves. In order to refute those lies, Mr. Wilson points the reader back to the truth of God’s word and where our true worth can be found.

I believe that the message of this book is so needed that I have ordered it to sell when I speak to home educators. Don’t we all need a laugh every once in a while followed by the message that we are not alone?

So…here’s your chance. Leave a comment on this post and share what encourages you as a mother or homeschooler when life seems to be closing in on you. Winners will be drawn on August 19th so jump right in and comment away!