Surprised by Oxford is one woman’s story of her journey to faith during her literature studies at Oxford.
Carolyn Weber writes of her difficult childhood (especially of her struggles to forgive her father for his abandonment) and how her love of learning became a solace when her family was plunged into extreme poverty.

The tone of this hefty book (more than 400 pages) is without the smarmy condescension that often comes naturally to many intellectuals. Instead, Mrs. Weber writes poignantly about feeling vulnerable and alone at Oxford and yet excited and stimulated by the intellectual challenges of her classes and fellow students.

Any literature lover will enjoy the historical background about Oxford as well as the poetry and literature excerpts woven sensitively throughout the book.

Surprised by Oxford is one woman’s beautiful story of discovering the Word of God (Jesus) in the midst of the great writers and among other thinkers. It should come as no surprise to the reader that Jesus Himself would be found in such a place as Oxford.

A delightful, inspiring and beautifully written book for anyone who enjoys words.
Thank you Book Sneeze for sending me a review copy.

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