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Attack on Planet Falrus was sent to me for review by author JN Tenkorang. Written for young people (advanced elementary school readers to high school level science buffs) Tenkorang mixes enough technical detail with adventure to create a believable science fiction story.
Giren and Gami Demba are twins who squabble with each other as they are drawn into the battle against the President and and Commander of OLD World (Outside Line Desimak). With the help of their child prodigy friend, Square, and his robot Professor Potty, the twins fight child kidnapping and the infiltration and take over of their planet.
Although it is written for children to young adults the scientific detail reminded me of Madeline L’Engle’s books and kept my attention.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to interview the author! Join with us as we “talk” about writing and the book!
1.Tell us about yourself; how do you spend your days? Hobbies? Career? Family? Where do you live?

I would describe myself as a curious person with a never-ending appetite to learn new things. I love to cycle long distance and dabble in the lost art of embroidery. I love classical music and have a spiritual connection to the country of Norway where I have friends and family. I am currently single and live in Lausanne, Switzerland, where I work as a doctor.

2.Yes, you are a cardiologist and as someone who is alive and well today due to a cardiologist who repaired my congenital heart defect, I want to say, “Thank you” on behalf of all heart patients!
Joanna, When did you first know you wanted to write? Did you write as a child?

I started to write soon after I learned to read. I just enjoyed recreating the stories I was reading or that were read to me, in my own way, with my own added ‘twist’!

3. Who are your favorite authors?
I love John Grisham. In my childhood I enjoyed Enid Blyton. In my teenage years I adored James Hadley Chase.

4. Have you written other books?
Yes, I have written many books, many of which are still lying hidden somewhere in my home. I should find them, tidy them up and make them presentable!
5. What sort of schedule do you keep when you write? Is it a discipline for you or does it come naturally? Do you have any tips for those of us who write?
Writing for me is a hobby. I have always written purely for fun and therefore at a random pace and schedule. As such, writing has remained a luxury in my life, as opposed to what I have to do, i.e. duty or requirement.
My tip would therefore apply more to the leisure writer: enjoy what you do, go with the flow.
6. How did the idea behind your book develop? Why a sci-fi book?

As a teenager, I loved science fiction. I wrote the book when I was seventeen. I toyed with the idea of combining my dreams of a family environment in a world full of adventure and gadgets but with my ideals of a religious frame (in my case, Catholicism). So I came up with the idea of a far-away planet where all the above applied. In everyone’s soul, there is a need to create a world where you get to write the rules. This is how I dealt with mine. The book was written to entertain a teenaged me.
7. I was fascinated by the fact that although the planet and people are technically advanced, the characters say their prayers and go to Mass. That seems like an unlikely mix in a sci-fi book. Explain please!

I see no conflict between a religious frame and highly advanced technology. In fact, I see the two colliding more and more (if anyone thinks this is paradoxical, just think assisted fertility and the debates thereof).

It was no accident that the characters were ‘ordinary folk’ despite their high-tech environment. I was primarily writing about a group of human beings. Throwing in a mix of human ‘concerns’ such as culture and power-crazed tendencies was one of the fun aspects of writing I enjoy exploiting the most. AKA writing your own rules.
8. What role does faith in God play in your life?
I have a great relationship with God. We are the best of ‘friendly enemies’. Just not too heavy on the enemy bit 😉

9. What message would you like your readers to take away from this book?
Like most stories worth reading, the good is always triumphant over the evil in the end. The ugly is an unwanted participant which is present at all times but may only be intermittently visible, can be funny and/or make you cringe.

10. What has been the response to your book so far? Where can we find your book?
Most people who have read it have enjoyed it. Those who did not understand it need the sequel(s) where all is revealed, for it is a deliberately cryptic book and in fact was written as part of a trilogy with the second part as an explanation of the first, and the third as an ‘independent’ sequel. The book can be ordered at all the online bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It can also be requested directly from the publishers (Eloquent Books) or at any high street bookshop.

11. Joanna, what a privilege is has been to talk with you via the internet. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you and enjoy your book. May the Lord bless you!
Thank you Jill. May He bless you and your family more.