“We look for the big things to do…Jesus took a towel and washed the disciples feet. We presume the place to be is the mountaintop of vision-He sends us back into the valley. We like to speak and act out of the rare moments of inspiration-He requires our obedience in the routine, the unseen and the thankless….
Walking on the water is easy to impulsive pluck but walking on dry land as a disciple of Jesus Christ is a different thing. Peter walked on the water to go to Jesus but he followed Him afar off on the land.
We do not need the grace of God to stand crises, human nature and pride are sufficient, we can face the strain magnificently; but it does require the supernatural grace of God to live 24 hours in every day as a saint, to go through the drudgery as a disciple, to live an ordinary life.”
-Oswald Chambers