A wise woman wrote;

“Titus 2 is basically shorthand in Christian circles for an older woman who is a role model and mentor, a sort of combination of Ann Landers, Julia Child, Mary Poppins, Martha Stuart, Miss Manners, and just, perhaps, a dash of Rosie the Riveter and all the warmth of Oprah.

We have trouble finding her.

When I was a younger mother, I lamented the dearth of wise, experienced, older Titus 2 women to give me good advice.

There were plenty of older women giving me advice. I just thought most of it was bad (and truthfully, some of it was bad, like the grandmother suggesting I feed my exclusively breastfed five month old fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy), or that we didn’t have enough in common for them to know what would work in my life, or I didn’t admire their life choices enough to make them role models. I was a stay at home mom out of deeply held convictions and adherence to those deeply held principles. What could I learn from a woman who was an officer in the Marine Corps?”

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