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Our Last Great Hope; Awakening the Great Commission surprised me.
This book reminded me of the great responsibility each Christian has to reach the lost by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. But that wasn’t what surprised me. I was taken aback by the author (the pastor of a large contemporary church in Arkansas called Cross Church) being so gospel minded. Dr.Ronnie Floyd pastors a multi-campus church (it broadcasts messages live world-wide via the internet) and has his own television program Ronnie Floyd). I don’t know…call me jaded but he doesn’t seem like the kind of person to write such a solidly gospel-centered book!
In his book Dr. Floyd brings us back to the power of the simple message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and rings out a clarion call to Christians everywhere. He tells us that no matter how politically incorrect it may be to say that Jesus is the only way to God our world is dying for the message.

The chapter titles reflect the passion with which Dr. Floyd writes; Face the Truth About Yourself, Awaken the Church, Accept the Urgency, Transform our Families, Capture our Communities, Talk Jesus Daily, Desire it Deeply, Evaluate Everything Financially, and Act Now.

For the committed Christian this book reminds those of us who are caught up in the busyness of many good activities to reevaluate our lives, repent and recommit to doing the best thing; sharing Jesus with a hurting world.

Highly recommended!
I received a review copy of this book for free from Book Sneeze.