Yes, this book is just what it sounds like; an updated version of Miss Manners or Emily Post!
Answering such questions as What to say when your Aunt Martha gives you a book you already have and What you should never post on your Facebook wall, this 219 page book is organized like a reference book with easy to find topics and a helpful index.
The 50(!!) chapter titles include Paying a compliment, Accepting an apology, Borrowing clothes, Personal grooming, Setting a table, The Dating Game and more.
Written by authors who seem to know a few young ladies, each chapter includes “Do’s” and “Don’ts”.
I appreciated this “Don’t”; You don’t wait until everyone is sitting at the table waiting for a shrimp boil, sigh loudly, and tell them the only thing you eat is bread. Why? It’s awkward for everyone else at the table if one person isn’t eating. Letting your host or hostess know in advance allows them to prepare something that won’t send you to the hospital.

In a day and age when simple courtesies are not being taught to young people because parents have missed the lessons as well, 50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know by Kay West with John Bridges and Bryan Curtis would be a useful resource to help both generations become the kind of person who acts graciously and considerately in any situation she finds herself. I recommend this book and received my copy from Book Sneeze to review.
If you would like to win this beautiful hard cover reference book please leave a comment on my blog and I will draw a winner on October 29 (my son’s birthday).