If you’ve been reading Generational Womanhood for any length of time you are aware that I am passionate about the impact that reading aloud has on our families.

I changed the title of this post from “The Secret Weapon of the Homeschooling Mama” to “The Secret Weapon of the Christian Parent” because what I am talking about can be utilized by every Christian parent to raise children who love Jesus and love to learn.

As you read this post you may (possibly) be rolling your eyes and saying to yourself, “What is it with this woman? I get the message…it’s important to read books to my children!”

Bear with me for a minute longer please…hear me out! I am noticing an interesting trend in the average person with whom I come in contact; their minds don’t function very well.
Yes, I know, it sounds arrogant to make such a statement, doesn’t it? However, as someone who grew up in a reading family back in the 1960’s and 70’s when we were the only family we knew without a television (by choice…my college professor dad couldn’t stand the noise), I have noticed a disturbing trend. We, as a culture, have lost our focus. We simply aren’t as interested in conversation, profound thoughts and quiet contemplation like we were forty years ago.

Oh Wait!! Let me rephrase that! We can’t choose to focus on conversation, profound thoughts and quiet contemplation even when we want to…!

I’ve mentioned The Thinking Housewife blog to you-all before. Laura (of the Thinking Housewife) goes where angels fear to tread. She tackles hard issues. Although I certainly don’t see eye-to-eye with her on everything,I am challenged by her and the interesting readers who contribute to her blog. Interestingly enough, several recent posts on reading attracted a lot of comments. Please read this worthwhile interchange on the importance of books and reading on our families (warning…it takes some time to read through these thoughts but if you take these ideas to heart, your family will be revolutionized. A reading people will rule the world:-)!