The following information came from my favorite source of health information, Dr. Carolyn Dean. She calls herself the “Physician of the Future” because she has both medical and naturopathic medical degrees. She is a balanced source of information and has written some great books as well.Visit her website!

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1. Cover your mouth when coughing, don’t use cloth handkerchiefs,
and wash your hands before touching other people or their

2. While you are sick, keep your toothbrush in 3 percent hydrogen
peroxide (that you can get from the drug store), then replace or
boil your toothbrush when you recover so you won’t re-infect

3. Stop all sugar, dairy, and wheat to decrease mucus and don’t eat
heavy foods such as meat and fried foods.

4. Don’t smoke.

5. Take plenty of (diluted) fruit and vegetable juices and chicken broth.

6. If there are no contraindications, use a warm‐water enema with
the juice of one lemon to pull out toxins. Or try a coffee enema.

7. Take Epsom salts baths, 2 cups in hot water, to open pores. You
can add clay to your bath as well.

8. For winter colds wear lots of clothing layers to encourage
sweating, wrap a scarf around your throat, and wear a hat at all
times to avoid the possible loss of 40 percent of your body heat
from your head.

9. Use a vaporizer; mucus can collect at night if the air is too

10. Do chest clapping to loosen mucus in the chest.