…well, not really on a dime but inexpensively.

1. Decorate everything with candy canes and big bows. If they are those big, chunky candy canes even better! Tie them on the tree, lay greens (artificial or natural) down the middle of the table and garnish the greens with candy canes, tie them on the porch railing with greens looped in between…you get the idea.

After the holiday, crunch up the uneaten candy canes to use in cookies, on ice cream and elsewhere.

2. Speaking of greens, use them if you have them. Greens tacked along a stairway, wrapped around a porch railing or laid on the top of the piano…they always look like Christmas.

3. Light the lights. A single battery-operated candle in a window is beautiful as are real candles light around the house. You can use little sparkly lights around the curtain rods, stuffed into a clear vase and placed on a table or on the tree. Use and enjoy different lights and contrast them by turning out the main lights and creating darkness.

3. That’s right…enjoy the black nights of midwinter (if you live in the Western Hemisphere). There is nothing more soothing than a darkened room with a few flickering candles or a beautiful fire lit in the fireplace!

4. Enjoy scents; pine is wonderful if you aren’t allergic to it. Cinnamon sprinkled in a pan of water and simmered on the stove top smells relaxing and fresh. A bowl of beautiful oranges in a colorful bowl can add the smell of citrus to your home and freshly baked applesauce bread permeates the house and creates a wonderful atmosphere.

5. In contrast to the good smells, make sure that the everyday smells of cleaning products and yesterday’s cooking are kept to a minimum by cleaning with light, organic cleaners.

6. Music! Enjoy the sounds of Christmas by choosing refreshing and delightful music to play throughout the day.

7. A smile! Choosing to be joyful makes all the difference in our homes, especially when we add extra activities to our lives this holiday season. Choose joy and create a wonderful Christmassy feeling in your home!