CREATE * SERVE * INSPIRE * MOVE * GIVE * REFLECT * WRITE*..what do these words have in common? They’ve been chosen by someone as a “word of the year.” I’m sure you’re more informed about this than I am. The challenge is to choose one single word to focus on for the New Year. I believe that anything which helps us focus is always a good thing especially in this era of distractions.

I first heard of this phenomenon when I decided to start a blog last January and was worried about being able to write regularly. I wasn’t sure if I would have the discipline to do it. I also worried if I could even figure out how to post the things I had written! Then, I stumbled onto a few bloggers who were choosing words for the year. Here is one blogger’s guest post on the word TRUST.
I was intrigued by the idea. So simple…but not easy! I finally chose a word. My word for the year was WRITE.

I’ve written. In just about eleven months I have posted 190 times. Of those, some are quotes from other people but I have written at least 170 posts! I’ve also written (and rewritten…I rewrite to the point of insanity) twenty-five speeches this year. I am happy about that :-).

Author Debbie Macomber has written a new non-fiction book (she is a romance author) and I love the “teaser” for the book (disclaimer: I am not reviewing this book or giving it away). It says, “When Debbie took the time to intentionally focus on a single word—such as prayer, trust, or surrender—for a whole year, this act changed not only herself, but those around her.

‘The surprising thing is that when we decide to focus on one word for the year,” Debbie writes, ‘God takes part in the choosing. That’s why the word is perfect for us. We may not see it at the time, but as we look back we see that it all worked together—our word, our life, our journey.’ For example, the year she chose the word balance, her career moved to a whole new level. The pressures on Debbie to speak, promote, and practically live on the road were overwhelming. It was her yearlong focus on that all-too-difficult word balance that helped her refine her schedule. As you read Debbie’s and others’ stories, you will be inspired to find your own word and will see how one perfect word can make all the difference.

Why just one word? G. K. Chesterton says, “Long words go rattling by us like long railway trains. We know they are carrying thousands who are too tired or too indolent to walk and think for themselves. It is good exercise to try for once in a way to express any opinion one holds in words of one syllable.”

So what is your word for the New Year? I’m still searching for mine! Words are so powerful. Pick one and, if you feel like sharing it with us, leave a comment!