Proverbs 14:1 speaks true to women even today: “The wise woman builds her house…” This Scripture does not suggest that we physically build the structure of our homes; but it does imply that we are to be a source of strength and an example of diligence for our families. If we are wise, we will care for our household and pay attention to its details so that it will not only remain intact, but stand firm.
Opportunities are all around us: noticing when someone needs to be held without a word, filling the kitchen with the fragrance of a favorite meal, decorating the rooms in a comfortable and inviting way, cleaning out the refrigerator and loading it with delicious food, dropping a love note in a lunch bag, turning off the television to listen to a heartache, lighting a candle to quiet minds after a hectic day.”
-from Creating a SenseSational Home by Terry Willits