Our family has been enjoying these easy parfaits for several years now so you can imagine my surprise when we stopped at a MacDonald’s and discovered they had stolen our idea! I had no idea that children everywhere went to MacDonald’s to get these but was reassured by my ten year old that ours were better (mothers, be sure to teach your children to compliment you on whatever you do in the kitchen. It will make your world a little brighter).

You can make these delicious and healthy parfaits for less than fifty cents each if you make your own yogurt and granola. Both are surprisingly easy to make so give them a try.

Even if you buy all your ingredients you will still save loads of money over a store-bought parfait. They are so easy to assemble your children can do it.

I use short, hard plastic cups, cover them with plastic wrap after they are filled and freeze. They are refreshing to eat cold on a hot summer day.

Tired mothers whose young children need breakfast at an early hour would be wise to have a few of these on a refrigerator shelf where children could grab one for breakfast. Use a rubber band to attach a plastic spoon to the cup and you earn yourself a few minutes more of hard-earned sleep.

Yogurt (plain or vanilla)
Granola (plain or flavored)
Berries, rhubarb sauce or jam
Chopped nuts or coconut

Do you see the potential for an infinite variety of choices here? Choose what you want! Throw in some chocolate chips if the mood strikes you. The choice is yours!

To assemble:
In a plastic cup or pretty parfait glass layer:
1/2 inch or more of yogurt, then fruit, granola and/or nuts. Repeat until glass is filled, ending with fruit or jam.

Enjoy immediately or cover the top of the cup tightly with plastic wrap and freeze. Eat when thawed.