Easy and cute. I think these would be darling with red candy or heart shaped candy. If you happen to have a little box that a ring came in from the jewelry store, you would thrill a little girl with one of these tucked inside!

What you need:

Chenille wire (also called pipe cleaners)
Candy wrapped in sparkly foil or crinkly paper
Glue (I use tacky glue)
Glitter and white glue

To make:
1. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the finger to measure the ring size. Cut the pipe cleaner and secure by twisting the ends under and over.
2.Glue the candy on top of the ring.
3. Lightly dot white glue onto the candy, sprinkle with glitter and dry.

Give the ring with some “sweet” words of love such as,

“You always razzle, dazzle my heart” or
“On the day you were born you wrapped me around your finger just like this ring”

Happy Valentine’s Day!