I know, I know, a vampire book is not what you were expecting on this blog, were you? Frankly, neither was I, but when I was contacted by the author asking me to review this e-book, and I learned that it was a book with a Christian message, I was curious. I was surprised (and happy) to learn that, yes, Charlotte Marries a Vampire is worth reading.

Here’s this from the website www.charlottemarriesavampire.com, “Sin takes a bite at love when modern day Southern belle Charlotte Stephens turns 30 and thinks God needs help when it comes to finding her a mate for marriage. Soon Charlotte’s dream marriage becomes a yoke of unequal proportions and a preview to what happens when acting on feelings, not faith”.

Author Cheryl Hammer calls this a “tongue-in-teeth comedy based on 2 Corinthians 6:14.”

Charlotte Marries a Vampire is a quick read with a deep message. The main character of the book (Charlotte) is a Christian woman who is turning thirty and is ready to be married. Fortunately, Charlotte has been seriously dating a solidly Christian man. He’s not terribly exciting or romantic but he is a reliable, kind, Christian man who loves her.

Charlotte, however, grows impatient waiting for him to propose and angrily huffs off to a bar where she flirts with a good looking man and “falls in love”. This suave, handsome charmer says and does all the right things and convinces her to run off and get married (shocking friends and family).

Charlotte’s runaway marriage and honeymoon reads like the romance novel most young girls wish were reality until a few odd twists in the story begin popping up.

Charlotte is told (on their honeymoon) that her new husband has a “sleeping disorder” and must sleep during the day in a special compartment made especially for his “problem.” Her “happily ever after” with a romantic dreamboat quickly results in Charlotte making extreme adjustments and sacrifices for the man whom she has vowed to love for better or worse.

In her rush to tie the knot before she turns 30, Charlotte loses out on a “keeper” of a man and ends up with a conceited and self-centered husband who sucks the life out of her (a mistake I’ve seen happen over and over again with young women who believe that they know better than God).

Author Cheryl Hammer has clothed a deep message in a light and easy-to-read book. As someone who has been alarmed by the number of young women who read romance novels and the vampire genre, I believe this book would be a great way to reach that audience. The book is short, light and humorous and avoids sermonizing the reader.I hope that this “tongue-in-teeth” romance attracts readers who need to hear the message.

My one complaint with the book is that the characters need greater development so that the reader can more deeply relate to them.

Finally, as a mother of young adult daughters, I appreciate the warning found in this book; watch out for men who seem to be the man of your dreams but, in reality, love the darkness, love themselves and will, like vampires, suck you dry.

Visit www.charlotemarriesavampire.com to learn how to get a copy of this e-book for yourself and watch for my interview with the author Cheryl Hammer coming this Friday or Saturday.