Generational Womanhood

Years ago,when I was a self -centered, rebellious teenager I wrote in my journal (for some odd reason) that someday I would love to have a big family and lots of visitors coming in and out of our house and it wouldn’t matter if we were rich or poor if we had a big pot of  homemade soup bubbling on the stove and we loved each other.

Well….I’m livin’ the dream.

I had an odd, ethereal moment tonight as I thawed various broths and meats to combine together for soup for tomorrows lunch.

I began mentally counting who would be eating with us; our sons’ friend who is staying here while his mother is hospitalized, the three close neighbor friends who often drop in, the two Korean girls a daughter has recently met, our 11 year old Korean home stay student who is here for three months, six of…

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