It looks good, doesn’t it, that title up there for all the world to see; The Organized Woman?

One of the questions I am asked by women who have less children than I do and are feeling overwhelmed is, “How do you do it all?” The answer, of course, is that I don’t do it “all” (see my Not-To-Do List).

We all have different families, schedules, health challenges, energy levels, income and living spaces. Who am I to tell you how to organize your life? I can, however, share with you some things that have worked for me.

Access to a Full Year of Lists to Help Put Your World in Order

I’ve tried different planners and home schooling binders. I usually buy one in the heat of summer just because it motivates me as I begin another year of homeschooling…I flip through the pages and feel important and official and special 😉(I’ve been homeschooling for 22 years-I need all the motivation I can get!).

I’ve finally realized that planners and binders are too bulky for me to carry around which is why they eventually end up all by their lonely selves on a shelf. So how do I remember what I am supposed to be doing with myself?

I like those small pocket-sized calenders that I can keep in my purse where I am less likely to loose them and I like lists! They are the personal secretary I wish I had to remind myself of the details of life.

Access to a Full Year of Lists to Help Put Your World in Order

When I go out the door to speak at an event I usually leave in the wee hours of the morning. I need a list! One for what I need to do for the family who is remaining at home and one that tells me what I need to take with me (I give away books, I display resource materials, I hand out business cards, I show off a picture of my beautiful family.I have so much fun!).

“ListPlanIt” is a mom owned business that has grown from 200 lists and planning pages when it first launched in May 2007 to more than 500. Its membership is more than 3,000 listmakers strong. It is a place where those who simply love lists and those in need of a little assistance in mental organization can both find what they need”.

Jennifer Tankersley of ListPlanIt has put together so many different lists for you and I so that we don’t have to. I think of ListPlanIt as my own personal assistant. My brain doesn’t work in a methodical careful way but, apparently Jennifer’s does because, wow, she has compiled some wonderful resources for the busy woman.

I like the fact that I can print what I need when I need it. I like the fact that ListPlanIt is open to new ideas for more lists and at 20.00 a year (!!)for the downloadable option…it is a bargain for anyone who wants to be more organized.

*I am an affiliate with ListPlanIt so I do get a small percentage of each sale that is generated through this blog. All proceeds generated through this blog help me continue to encourage and teach those who hold the next generation on their laps.

Check out ListPlanIt! Hundreds of Lists to Put Your World in Order

Access to a Full Year of Lists to Help Put Your World in Order