Join me in praying for our husbands today;

Lord Jesus, as we approach Resurrection Day, we remember the great victory that You won on the cross over our sin. We ask that You would renew our marriages.

Where there is no hope, cause us to hope in You.
Where there are no feelings of love, we pray that Your love would infuse our lives and overflow to our husbands.
Where there is sin, we pray that You would expose it and give us the strength and grace to confess it. Renew our marriages, mightily, wonderfully and joyfully.

As Christian women, we ask You to give us discernment and wisdom in our relationship with our husbands so we can understand them.
Thank You that You gave us this marriage, not to fulfill us (for only You can do that) but to sanctify us and mature us into Your wonderful image. We know that You work through our weakness and we acknowledge that we are,indeed, weak, sinful and fallible people who can only do what is right in our marriages with Your great gift of grace.

We want to glorify You in all that we do and so we give you our marriages today. We walk in the shadow of the cross and gladly remember Your wonderful gift given to us there when You died for us and paid for our sins with Your shed blood.

We love You, Lord. Thank You for Your gift of life this Easter.


“Let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness and weakness and despair to strength and beauty and happiness.”
Floyd W. Tomkins