I’ve been enjoying doing a little Spring cleaning this week so I can relax and enjoy some Easter cooking in a more organized kitchen. An easy and delicious bread to make at Easter is the traditional Jewish Challah bread. It’s easy because it is made with yeast and eggs which makes it very light. It makes a beautiful centerpiece or a nice Easter gift. I have even made it with colored eggs tucked into the braid and then baked. It was beautiful that way.

Another wonderful cookie recipe that teaches the Easter story is a recipe for Resurrection Cookies(scroll down) or Empty Tomb Cookies.
These are really very simple meringue cookies that are put in the hot oven on Saturday night and then left in the oven after you turn the heat off. When the family wakes up on Easter and checks on the cookies, they find that they are hollow inside! Very fun (and a delicious bit of sugar to start your morning off with a zing!).

And to throw in an Easter activity that also counts as a history lesson, why not make eggs colored with onion skins? They really are beautiful and it is such fun to tell the children that great-grandma may (possibly) have colored her eggs this way! These would also make a sweet little gift to a shut-in or elderly friend, perhaps in a little basket?

When the kids were all much younger, my primary goal was to get the house clean and to read several books on the Easter story throughout the week. If we got some eggs colored or a special cake baked, it was a bonus. I was usually nursing a baby in those years so I did what I could with the time I had. Every season of life is different and we all have different challenges and priorities but Easter is such a wonderful world-changing event that impacted history forever, it is certainly worth a little extra effort!

Alleluia, Christ is Risen! How are you shouting His praises this Easter week?