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It was a full and delightful Easter weekend. We kept busy. We shucked oysters! Phillip(24)was here from the wilds of the Idaho high prairie desert and craving them.

Lorna(26)can attest to the amount of concentration it takes to pry one open… We baked…lolli-cakes! Hannah(18)was swept away by one of her frequent creative moods and made approximately one hundred and fifty of them (we lost count).

We also cleaned. Please take note of the beautifully clean shelf on which these lolli-cakes reside! I slaved for two days cleaning and beautifying the IKEA shelf unit (aka clutter magnet) which lines a wall in our dining room. It made me happy all weekend just to look at it.

Flowers from my visiting son and more lolli-cakes!
We feasted but,unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of all of us stuffing our faces. My husband is a maestro at preparing a lamb roast!
Some of us also took time to sip a little tea and breathe. This picture attests to the fact that our Hannah does, indeed, have creative juices oozing from her fingertips!

When all the eating and sitting and talking and baking got to be too much for Patrick(almost 7), his eldest brother thoughtfully took him to the beach. We also worshipped and took communion with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ on Easter morning but the only documentation we have of that is the peace in our lives and the joy in our hearts. He is risen. He is risen, indeed!