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I had an article written ahead of time for today. It was a good one, stuffed full of great advice for wives about how to treat their husbands.

I think I’ll post it another day because…I was a mean wife this weekend. I was witchy and sarcastic and rude and unappreciative. I had a major fail weekend as a wife, the kind of weekend when I said things like this; .

It’s a big deal when my husband and I have a bad weekend because, for the past 15 months, weekends are about all the time we get together. My husband, Doug, works out of town. He rents a little room in someone else’s home and stays there all by himself while he earns the living that provides for us.

Then, after a long week of work, he gets in his car and drives hours to come home and see us. You should know that Doug hates to drive. When I get behind the wheel my mind begins imagining and daydreaming and I drive mile after mile in a happy haze of thoughts.

Doug, on the other hand, does not enjoy driving (it puts him to sleep)but he does it because he wants to be with his family. He walks in the door and sighs deep as he puts his arms around us. He hates being away.

We love him, too, but we take him for granted sometimes.

So, this post is for my husband, Doug. After privately apologizing for having such a smarmy, snooty, unappreciative attitude toward you, I thought I needed to say it here.

You are the best husband in the world. I love you. Your children love you. We all miss you. We truly do appreciate all that you do for us.

You know the new t-shirt I got that says “My Husband Rocks!”?* Well, you really do. You’re “the Man.”

*Check back here next Monday when I launch the give-away of a wonderful marriage-honoring t-shirt from Union 28 (found in my sidebar). Be sure to be ready to share with the rest of us how your husband “rocks” your world!