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Marriage between one man and one woman is under serious attack in the United States and in many parts of the world. One of my goals is to celebrate marriage here on Generational Womanhood so you can imagine how delighted I was to learn about Union 28 and their marriage honoring clothing!
The mission of Union 28 is encourage marriage relationships, communicate a positive image of marriage and honor the sanctity of the marriage covenant…now, that’s a mission I can get behind!

My husband rocks…

Union 28 sent me hot pink t-shirt made of 100% Ringspun Cotton. I am not really sure what Ringspun cotton is but I love the weight and feel of this shirt. It has quickly become a favorite.

The folks at Union 28 have great customer service and the selection of marriage-honoring shirts, clothes and other products is delightful.

Wouldn’t it be fun to outfit your children in “My Daddy Rocks” shirts and surprise him on Fathers Day?

My husband rocks...

I used to try to come up with creative ways to tell my husband that a new baby was on it’s way…wouldn’t it be fun to wrap up a tiny little onesie from Union 28 to spring the news?

And what’s wrong with a mom letting the clan know that she wouldn’t mind being bragged on as well?

Or, if you’re planning a family reunion or trip this summer, why not tell everyone how proud you are of your husband by outfitting the entire family in Union 28 clothing? I only wish I still had a slew of young children to model these shirts. Too cute!

My husband rocks… because he still tells me I’m beautiful after thirty years of marriage.

It isn’t hard to be entered to win this giveaway…just brag about how your husband “rocks” in the comment section. A winner will be picked by my family on May 14th.

My Husband Rocks Tees & more @ Union28.net!

Want to order? Click on the link above and use the discount code below to get a steal of a deal. What a fun way to celebrate marriage and family!
Use this code when you checkout!

After I notify the winner you will have one week to contact me. If I do not hear from you, I will pick another winner!

My husband rocks, does yours?