“I see children as kites. You spend a lifetime trying to get them off the ground. You run with them until you’re both breathless. They crash . . . you add a longer tail . . . you patch and comfort, adjust and teach. You watch them lifted by the wind and assure them that someday they’ll fly.” Erma Bombeck

The kites are flying around here as the winds of life gust and blow!
This week our intrepid little debate and speech club (E.P.I.C.-Emphatically Preparing with Integrity and Clarity) is hosting Regionals for homeschooled highschoolers from Oregon, Idaho and Washington.

Daughter Lorna (26) is cooking all the food (meals and snacks) for 150 judges for four days. Of course,”cooking” also includes planning, shopping, hauling and cleaning up. The food will be delicious because Lorna is a gifted cook.

Assisting his big sister is Kealen (16) who wields a chopping knife with confidence and panache. Capable Abigail (10) will be the go-fer and general errand runner, making sure that the platters are refilled and the water replenished.

Patrick (almost 7) and I, will be assisting in the kitchen as well as running home to fill a few boxes or cook dinner when we can. I am also throwing together a birthday party for Patrick two days before we leave so he can have one last “hurrah” with his Ferndale friends.

Hannah (18 )is competing in debate and speech at this tournament (on her way to Nationals in Minnesota next month). I wish you all could hear her original oratory of Fredrick Douglas! You’d be inspired. I plan to post it on my blog.

Of course, Hannah (being Hannah) really wanted to host some other students at our home in the midst of our move so we have competitors staying with us, having their hair “Hannified” and enjoying one another. These are darling girls and it makes the tournament much more fun to have guests.

Hannah is very gifted in words (both speaking and writing) but her passion is people.

Noah(14)is timing rounds at the tournament and absorbing the atmosphere. He has loved competing this year.

Rosie (20 )is working and finishing a college class as well as preparing to move into a home with two friends (she’s staying here while we move…that wind is blowing, for sure!).

Of course, we can’t forget the Patriarch, Doug, who will make the long commute from his job over in the desert, pack up the 15 passenger van for the third time and leave (again) on Sunday!

In the midst of the gusts of change and growth this week, one more of our “kites” is preparing to fly away to Korea. Phillip (24) leaves next week to teach English for a year there. We will miss him.

Time moves so quickly and change is inevitable. How I have come to appreciate the truth that God never changes.

This is the last week my prayer partner and I will meet together at her home…but God never changes.

This is the last time Abby will study in our home with her best friend from down the street…but God never changes.

This is the last time Patrick will skip down the street to see if a friend is home in this neighborhood…but God never changes.

This is the last time we will worship with fellow believers at Christ Covenant church as members…but God never changes.

And (just to throw a little fun into the whole crazy week) our little gray mama cat is anxiously scratching in closets and drawers as she prepares to have kittens. The question inquiring minds want to know is…will she have them before or after moving day on May 13th?

*Updated May 12* Gracie gave birth to five healthy kittens on May 10th. We will box them all up and take them in the moving truck tomorrow!