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Lord Jesus,

We lift our friends and their marriages up to you today. We know that when one marriage fails, it deeply affects those who know and love them, including us.

We want our friends to be blessed with loving, godly marriages. Give us a vision for their marriage even when we see the weaknesses and struggles. Give us wise words of encouragement and hope when our struggling friend comes to us asking for advice and help. When we see someone we love being wronged by their spouse, guard our hearts from bitterness and anger.

May we give our expectations for others to you.

We ask for protection and guidance for our loved ones. Turn their hearts fully toward you. Use their life circumstances to bring them to a place where they boldly say, “I am yours, Lord Jesus.” Bring hidden sin into the light. If they need to confess and repent, we pray that you would give their spouse the strength and grace to allow them to honestly repent in the open.

Guide our friends and loved ones to wise counselors, godly elders and church leaders and other fellow believers who believe deeply in preserving the marriage covenant even when circumstances seem hopeless.

We pray that in good times and bad, we would be the kind of friends that would continually point them to Jesus while loving them in practical ways. Give them (and us) gloriously happy marriages that proclaim your goodness to a broken and sinful world.

We pray these things in your name.